Würzburg | Beitrag der Redaktion | 25. Januar 2023


Many people, when planning their trip to Germany always think about going to the big cities like Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt. But why not visit the interior of this beautiful country? Have you heard of Würzburg? Today me (Victor) and my friend (Gustavo) will tell you about our experience visiting this beautiful city. We are both exchange students from Brazil that had the opportunity to work on the City Blog team for a week. The team gave us the opportunity to tour the city for two days, knowing the main historical points and typical foods.


We started our trip going to the oldest coffee shop in the city (Bäckerei Hanselmann) where we ate a salted pretzel. We recommend the experience precisely because it is a very traditional place. Right after our breakfast we visited the Residence, former home of a prince-bishop of Würzburg. There you can find beautiful works of art, beautiful architecture and a magnificent garden. This is by far the most beautiful place in the town.


Continuing our tour, we headed to the Alte Mainbrücke bridge, where we had a beautiful view of the Main river. We strongly recommend you to taste the region’s wines at nearby bars. As Würzburg is considered a small city and everything is relatively close, we walked to the city’s castle. The Fortress Marienberg as it is called, used to be the home of the prince-bishop before he moved into the residence. On the way up you can have a view of the vineyards that surround the castle. Upon reaching the top, you will come across a beautiful museum. You will also be able to visit the interior of the castle. And observe the historic architecture of the place, in addition to a panoramic view of the city.


Going to down town we saw a lot of beautiful old churches. A curiosity about the city is that it has the largest number of churches in all of Germany, in total there are 60. Another interesting point to visit in the center is the fair, where you can eat the traditional Bratwurst (bread with German sausage) at the market stall Knüpfing, our favorite food in here! In addition, there you can find various types of commerce like local stores and famous clothing brands.

In two days we managed to get to know a good part of the city. The diversification of cultures that we find here is remarkable, you can eat different foods from different cuisines, such as typical Greek, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Syrian dishes and many others. You can also find many different desserts. We had the opportunity to try the traditional apple strudel and the banana cheesecake with butter. The experience of these pastries was spectacular!
Therefore, for us, the opportunity of visiting a city in the interior of Germany was something very special! The city is complete, from historical monuments to typical foods. And of course, if you’re looking for great bars to have a good beer, this is the right place!
If you want to know more about it, we recommend visiting our Instagram page @city_blog_wuerburg, there you will find the best tips on what to do in the city.